Rebekah Margules

Certified Reiki Master • Certified Medical Intuitive

From a young age, I can always remember being surrounded by animals. My mum definitely passed her love of rescuing pets onto me. In 2018 I went through my spiritual awakening after a relationship ended. I threw myself into meditation, reading, and metaphysical classes, desperate to discover my passions. While working a typical 9-5 desk job I could feel my soul yearning for more. I knew I had to act before I was a victim of time. I took my first Reiki class in 2019 and fell in love with it! Taking broken, stagnant energy, and turning it into love and light. I knew it was for me. I finished my training and received my Reiki Master certificate in 2020.

Volunteering at various animal rescues throughout this entire journey was a huge part of my progress. From fostering animals rescued from hoarding situations to walking dogs saved from the euthanization list. I knew I had to incorporate these two passions into one.

In 2022 I finally pulled the trigger and created the Kalamazoo Animal Connection. I couldn’t imagine my life without the comfort of a four-legged friend and I want to help others create a beautiful space for their own pets.

Rebekah and dog