What is Reiki?

Pronounced Ray-Key. Rei meaning spiritual wisdom and Ki representing life force energy. Founded in Japan used for its stress reduction, relaxing effects, and healing aspects. Reiki works hand in hand with medical care to promote faster recovery time, increased mental attitude, reduces unwanted side effects, improves sleep, reduces pain, anxiety, and nausea. This beautiful healing agent can never cause harm. The patient can accept as much or as little life force energy as they want.

When healing animals, I prefer to use noninvasive tactics. Instead of “giving” Reiki, I will offer it. I will hold a peaceful space instead of trying to “fix” what is wrong. Each animal is different when it comes to health and healing. My approach will put the animal in the driver’s seat. They will be the healer and spiritual teacher in their own right. I am here to support their healing journey. Simply put, Reiki, in the form of meditation, will be done together with your pet versus a treatment done to them.