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Help your rescue animal move past trauma and adapt well to their new surroundings.

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Has rescuing a pet been more stressful than rewarding?

  • Do you have a sick, anxious, animal acting out due to trauma?
  • Do you have a lost sense of knowing what your pet needs?
  • Are you unable to comfort your animal emotionally or physically?
  • Do you long for harmony between your pet and your household?
  • Is your pet displaying behaviors you never anticipated?

Don't Give Up!

Gain a Better Understanding of Your Pet's Needs through Reiki Healing

Helping your animal can be difficult, but with the right support and understanding of their behaviors you will find it easier to live together and provide for their needs. My non-invasive Reiki sessions are designed for pets just like yours!

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Reiki can help bridge the gap between you and your pet, resulting in:


from Trauma



Knowledge &

Reiki for Your Pet can Help You Live in Harmony

All people and animals deserve to live in harmony. When harmony is disrupted, it can ripple into other parts of your life creating a dark negative human experience. Reiki makes it easier to connect with your pet by alleviating some the guess work when it comes to their needs.

A session with Kalamazoo Animal Connection provides a safe space for healing and love, so you can have a better understanding of what your pet wants and how to provide it.

Common Questions:

No, Reiki can do no harm and will not give more to the animal than he or she is open to receive.
Absolutely! With a little training anyone can offer Reiki at anytime!
While Reiki is spiritual in nature, it is not part of any set religion. Nor does it conflict with any religious beliefs.

About Kalamazoo Animal Connection

Animals have always been a huge part of my life and I deeply care about the wellbeing of all living creatures. In addition to having my own pets, I work in animal rescue and want to help all families have a safe space for their pet so they can live in comfort just like you and me.

I see how hard it is to work with an animal when you cannot communicate directly with them. I have taken the time to learn how to help the souls that feel too weak to go on. I have worked in depth with abused, hoarded, traumatic animals and want to pass along my knowledge so I can help as many lost souls as I can.

I want to see every pet and their family succeed. If I can help just one animal feel safe, I will know I am on the right path!

Rebekah Margules Kalamazoo Animal Connection
Rebekah Margules, Founder
~ Certified Reiki Master
~ Certified Medical Intuitive

Healing animals one heart at a time.

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Don't Miss Out on a Safe, Non-invasive Opportunity to Help Your Rescue Pet

Pets are much more than furry friends. They’re living members of our family! However, some rescue pets can be a bit difficult to figure out. You may be at the end of your rope, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Even the biggest skeptics have seen positive changes in their pet’s behavior after Reiki.

Pets are very intuitive. If we harness our intention and put it towards health and healing, imagine what we can do as a collective for more harmonious relationships with our pets.